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«Arnica» Group

Llc Scientific-research institute of soy

The main purpose of scientific breeding work of the Institute is creation of new soybean varieties

Llc PC Bionpreparat

Production and sale of organic toasted expanded fullfat soya (organic TEF soya) GMO free.
Exporter of organic products.

Llc Trading House Biopreparat

Wholesale of plant-protecting agents, seed grains, petroleum and associated products used in agricultural industry.

Llc Lan-Agro

Providing services for cultivation , bringing crop protection, harvesting services , transport services. A wide range of foreign agricultural machinery.

lc  DPC Plai

Manufacture of land management technical documentation, and land management projects, concerning land parcels allotment

Private Enterprise Granit-Agro

Growing organic grain and industrial crops, soybean seeds .

Private Enterprise Agrofirma im. T.G. Shevchenko

Llc Agro-Sula

Llc Novomoskovsk Agro

Llc Svitanok 1

Llc Agrofirma Michurina

Grain and commercial crops growing, provision of soil preparation services, transport services

Types of activity

Technical documentation
Technical documentation